The introduction and development of the technical fundamentals,

using Fundamental Footwork Patterns,  can be found in Chapter 5 of web-book 1.

In chapter 5 of web-book 1 we take the time to :

  • Introduce a fundamental technique
  • Break it down
  • Show it in context
  • Offer a starting practice exercise
  • Offer a step down exercise
  • Offer a step up exercise
  • Offer a variety of ways to further develop the fundamental technique
  • Set a progression of challenges to push the boundaries of technical ability


This set of fundamental techniques, which we call Fundamental Footwork Patterns, need to be and should be second nature to all players.




Click on this link : 'Inside Inside' : to get a snapshot of exactly what you get in Web-book : Chapter 5 and web-book 2 ( which is dedicated entirely to Fundamental Foot work patterns).

When we look at Fundamental Footwork Patterns :  We highlight the  specific way a player can move the ball around their feet, and include, not only the types of touches they can take, but also  the steps they take around the ball (even when a player does not actually touch the ball).

In this process, we have tried to find the most efficient way (in terms of minimal touches and steps) to achieve a game functional objective, whilst being mindful to ensure a player moves in a natural way throughout the process.

For example: If the game functional objective is to move the ball across the body and then immediately forward, to a new space, in terms of effectiveness and efficiency how could this be achieved. Iniesta used this solution to great effect.

In web-book 2, we have dedicated an entire web-book to Fundamental Footwork Patterns.



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