Web-book 4


Web-book 4 introduces 3 fundamental agility patterns and then continues to combine these with some fundamental 'on the ball' football techniques.

An often overlooked aspect of technique is the ability to move onto and out of the ball, when interacting with it.

The game is all about this, and so it is a critical part of the technical development process and a big part of this chapter.


This chapter is 100% practical and all pages have at least 3 exercises to try.


Each chapter has a different emphasis and each chapter builds in difficulty.

Find your level and and work hard from there.


For each exercise it is critical you set yourself a challenge.

This might be just getting it right. Or doing it successfully for a period of time. Or seeing how many reps can be done in 30 seconds.

Your must manage this well to get the most out of your practice.


Finally, the exercises here simply offer a snapshot of what is possible.

When you understand the buidling blocks of this web-book,

you should start to be creative and develop your own exercises, which focus on your goals and needs.

You need to take control.